Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pain and weakness of the hand and wrist. The condition can wake the patient up in the middle of the night and is relieved by shaking the hand.

Fluid accumulates under a tight band of ligament on the inside of the wrist, which creates the “carpal tunnel”, causing pressure on the nerve that passes through it. This nerve supplies the muscles of the hand and in between the fingers. Initially, this presents as local pain, however if left untreated can lead to weakness and muscle wasting.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with over use and inflammation of the tendons that flex the fingers. However, it is a condition which can occur in diabetes, pregnancy and osteoarthritis of the wrist.

Using a combination of therapies, my treatment aims to reduce the fluid in the wrist, mobilise the joints and reduce muscle tightness. Addressing the underlying cause is the key to resolving this condition.