Hip pain can be local or as a result of radiating pain from the low back. In the case of local pain the bone, muscle, ligaments and pockets of fluid, known as Bursa, are involved.

The condition most commonly associated with hip pain is Osteoarthritis. This can be very mild, causing discomfort on prolonged walking, to the severe, where the patient has difficulty getting out of a chair. There are very large muscles in the hip, which control the leg action and stabilise the hips when you rotate the torso. These muscles can go into spasm and sometimes press on the sciatic nerve causing pain to radiate into the leg. Sport injuries, causing ligament strain and inflammation of the bursa are also common, with pain on movement and disturbed sleep.

It is common for pain from the low back to radiate into the hip, it is therefore essential to do a thorough examination to ascertain where the pain originates. Treatment is both local and addresses any muscular imbalances limping causes. In the case of Osteoarthritis, there is a cut off point when treatment has to stop and surgical intervention considered, however, treatment can help mild to moderated cases effectively.