I always had a sore neck (too much laptop work on planes) but when I started having severe shooting pains I knew something wasn’t right. I went Moira who quickly diagnosed a scalene spasm. She made me feel very welcome and relaxed and definitely knew what she was talking about. Even after the initial manipulation I could feel it getting much better. But it took a few visits including some cranial and acupuncture to really help the pain subside.  What I was most impressed with is Moira’s aim is to get you better so you don’t have to come back – so she gave me exercises to do at home and tips of keeping the pain monster at bay.  I would recommend Moira to anyone and I still do… if you have any joint pain .. see Moira !!

Jacqueline McDermott
Head of Overseas Operations, Virgin Holidays


“An ongoing debilitating injury that effected my neck movement and my rugby game was quickly pin pointed by Moira, whom traced the source of the injury to a car accident in which I was involved many years earlier.  Although I was unaware of the injury, Moira was able, through consultation, to get to the ‘root’ of my debilitating injury and over a series of sessions remedy my condition, using massage and acupuncture, until all the symptoms were relieved.  I was then able to fully appreciate how this injury had affected my life and my rugby game.  Moira has treated many of the Barbados National Team players as well as the West Indies Team and is renowned for her ‘magic fingers’.”

Donovan Bagwell,
Development Manager, Barbados National Rugby Player


I had a prolapsed disc and was unable to sit down, even on cushions. After just one session the pain was considerably relieved and after another 2 things were back to normal. I would recommend Moira’s magic hands to anyone!!!

Selvi Jeyaseelan
Managing Director, CRM Inc


“A friend recommended Moira after being in pain on and off for a long time, after the birth of my two (rather heavy) children.  I was a skeptic to say the least, as nothing to date had worked.  I found Moria to be extremely refreshing, she has a knack of getting to the point very quickly (I have known people to try and drag their feet to extend the amount of time/money spent).  She also offered a very relaxed and supportive environment which instantly put me at ease and allowed me to voice any concerns I had.   The treatment lasted 6 weeks and was a combination of manipulation, exercises to increase my core  strength and lifestyle changes.  The results have been amazing. I now have a new lease of life, I am the fittest I have ever been and the pain in my lower back that I never thought would go, has completely gone.”

Lisa Roudette Gregory
Director, Stormchild Ventures Ltd
London Marathon 2008, 2009 & 2012


Moira makes what she does seem easy and I oh so know it’s not. When my knee kept locking she was very quick to diagnose what the problem was and a later MRI scan confirmed this. This meant I was able to seek the right medical treatment immediately. I have also had to be treated by Moira for back pain and she has always been able to loosen me up with her combo of manipulation and acupuncture, talk about being able to hit the spot.

Moira is easy to talk to, highly knowledgeable, practical and skilled. She exudes calm and confidence

Helen Richmond
Business entrepreneur.